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Message from the M.D

Assalam o Alaikum,

The meaning of 'Success' differs from person to person. Most people define success as winning -being rich, famous and powerful. So to them success is all about a heady cocktail of money, power and influence. Such people are inspired by extreme wealth and individualism.

I have a distinct view of success and I think wanting to be number one in whatever we do and winning the race should never be the sole objective. Life cannot be reduced to a rat-race because even the winner remains a rat. Coming first is a by-product and what matters is the effort that one puts in. When we talk of goal-setting the issue is not whether we achieved our goal or not, it is how hard we tried. More importantly, it is what you become in the process of achieving your goal that matters.

With a mission of providing passionate and committed leadership to ensure success for all, we value continuous improvement, academic and personal excellence and a spirit of team cohesiveness within our school. With your support and feedback we will continue to raise the bar of excellence as we mould young men and women with sound characters, clearness of thought and the courage of their convictions.

We continue to strive towards an unseen finish line measuring our progress not only in quartiles and percentages but also in the intangible “Aha!” moments of a child’s educational journey.

As we work together to lead TAFS forward into the 21st century, we are aware of just how little we know about the future that awaits our students. Reading, writing and arithmetic are necessary components of a good education but tomorrow’s leaders will need more than that. They will need strong communication and collaboration skills. They must be capable of independent thought, relying upon their imagination and creativity to solve problems. They will also need the skills to understand and engage themselves within the global community.

We celebrate the progress TAFS has made in these twenty years in preparing our students for national and international institutions so they can face the challenges of the modern world.

Welcome to the place where minds are filled, plans are envisioned and dreams are realized. Welcome to the place that values continuous improvement of teaching, learning and the use of innovative practices. We value your support and welcome your feedback.


Best Regards,

Asad Hussain Mirza                                                                                                                                                   

Managing Director