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Faculty / Staff

TAFS believes that the real strength of its lies in the collective talents of exceptionally well-trained, highly experienced, qualified and dedicated teaching staff. As a teacher one has an important job in achieving an outstanding school system.  Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, a subject expert in ones own field who has extensive teaching experience. Every teacher plays a multiple role as a mentor, philosopher and guide; shaping a child’s personality, inducing positive thoughts, stimulating analytical thinking and inculcating decision making ability leading the child to the path of success.

 In TAFS, teachers are taken into our fold after ensuring that they have right aptitude towards schooling and children. All students have access to the respective sectionhead and teachers for all academic needs. Teachers take the onus for the emotional and physical well being of each and every child and inculcate discipline in and out of class. They do not restrict themselves to classroom teaching alone, they help in clearing the doubts, fear and anxiety of the students and motivate them to perform well both in academics and co – curricular activities.

Faculty of TAFS are well-acquainted with Hi – Tech world that has made its roots in the methodology of imparting education. Computer savvy as they are, they are well familiar with the use of electronic media to make the teaching learning process smooth and goal oriented. They understand the psychological factor which prove detrimental or inspirational in learning.

 At TAFS, the teachers are respected for their ability to think independently and for their proactive and positive contribution in the development of every child under their care. They regularly interact with parents, and are considered a very important and integral part of the institution in developmental activities of the students. Senior members of the faculty regularly attend seminars  to bring the best teaching and learning practices to the institution.

To update our teachers with the latest trend in the field of education and technological scenario, we organize in service training, refresher programmes, workshops by renowned academicians. Annual Teachers’ Learning and Leadership Fair is organized for all levels of staff.