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Message from the Academic Directress

Assalam o Alaikum,

We set out on an exhilarating journey in the year 1996, with new directions, new aspirations and newdreams, to make a difference to the lives of our students. Our overarching objective has been to enable students discover the world in enjoyable ways, while imparting values and attributes that would stand them in good stead and help lead productive and fulfilling lives. We believe that students should be encouraged to aim high and guided to do their best in everything with full potential.

Students blossom when they are encouraged and challenged to think critically and creatively. As they are aware of their own history, culture and traditions, willing to welcome alternative views of the world. They expand their horizon and empower themselves to cope with and rise above every challenge. Students will make a difference when they are developed to be incisive thinkers, confident communicators, self-directed learners and well-balanced human beings.

We feel gratified that since the establishment of the school, we have been producing gifted and promising students and commendable results.

We have prepared our students to enjoy and excel both in the classroom and outside it, provided them the opportunity to chalk out their future with the help from inspiring, dedicated exceptional minds that possess decades of collecting teaching and counseling experiences. These are exemplified in their examinations, different activities they engage in, the ability to work individually and in team and their accomplishment.

We hope that INSHA-ALLAH we will continue to attain the highest level of excellence with your support and cooperation.


Sayeeda Asad

Academic Directress