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Fee Policy


As an independent private school we maintain high standards and excellent infrastructure and facilities. The fee structure of TAFS is designed to support this infrastructure.

All the payments including advance payments are non-refundable under all circumstances.


Refundable Security Deposit :

Parent / Guardian is subjected to payment of security deposit at the time of admission.

This deposit is refundable upon the student passing out / leaving the school subject to clearance of dues.

Security Deposit, provided the withdrawal is with two months' prior written notice or two months' Tuition Fee is deposited in lieu thereof otherwise two months' Tuition Fee shall be deducted from the  Deposit. 


Payment of Fees :

Parent / Guardian is subjected to payment of all applicable fees by the dates specified. All the fees and dues are payable through bank. Only Admission Fee is deposited in the form of cash in the Admission Department at the time of admission.


Late Payment surcharge :

Late payment will be assessed for each student if payment has not been received  in advance on or before 5th of every month. The current late payment charge is Rs. 300 per month and is calculated monthly.


Raise in Fee :

The school reserves all the right of review and increase in the registration fee, tuition fee and all other fees, charges and deposits. Consent of parents is not necessary, however, prior notice / information is given.