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Admission Procedure

Admission on a continuous basis to all the students but it will be considered, subject to vacancies in the respective Class /Level.

 Admissions offered as per the following procedure:

1. Filling out the Application Form for registration.

2. The class for which a child is tested is determined according to the child’s age.

3. Test and interview are conducted in the following manner.


Pre Primary and Nursery :

Child's Observation Test

Parents' Interview


Level K.G, Jr. I to A levels :

Aptitude Test

Parents' Interview


Class VI - X :

Aptitude Test

Parents' Interview


5.  On being granted admission,  the following documents will be required to be submitted:

      > Complete and filled Application Form

      > Photocopy of Birth Certificate from MC / SDG / CB or B. Form from NADRA

      > Photocopy of  Transfer Certificate, if any

      > Photocopy of all Educational Certificates

      > Photocopy of N.I.C. of Father, Mother or Guardian (if any)

      > Three each 1.5'' x 2'' & 1'' x 1'' size photographs in uniform with light blue background

      > Declaration on the Application Form completely filled & signed.